Pedro Bento

Direction & Problem Solver

Pedro has always been a practical and creative person. These two features gave him the strength to begin, alone, this walk of founding A Cor Laranja.

A phrase that defines him:

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.”

Maria Martins

Marketing & Friendly Voice

With a smile on her face and a friendly voice is always on top of the event! Between one or another copy there is time for her daily follow-ups. Is always available to give her opinion and theres one thing that she does not go with out, coffee.

A phrase that defines her:

“Breathe in, breathe out and don’t freak out!”

Marta Almeida

Commercial Support & Busy Bee

Always busy, every day is different! Whether she quickly makes a quote or she is ready to capture a moment… Our clients know her as the photographer on call.

A phrase that defines her:

“Neither win nor lose, but seek to evolve.”

Sara Simões

Design & Team Reminder

With an eye for the details, Sara is the organization in person. She’s been on the Team Laranja for four years and no one stops her! With an contagious energy she treats all matters with creativity and joy.

A phrase that defines her:

“It’s the little things that make a big difference.”

Ricardo Guerreiro

Design & Creative Guru

His saintly patience, always serene voice and voracious creativity make him our guru! When we ask him what he prefers to do he says, “I like to create, period!” and so, let his art shine!

A phrase that defines him:

“Thank you very much!”

Fernando Bento

Production & Part-time Einstein

Between the print requests and the assembles he still have time for some calculations that surprise us! With his typical “Good morning, Buddy”, he puts a smile on everyone’s face when he walk in.

A phrase that defines him:

“The secret of happiness is to find our joy in the joy of others.”

Rafael Martins

Design & Handy Man

The man of the two loves, one is the production of video the other is to drive from north to south of the country, setting up all the print producions. The more challenging the task, the greater the effort!

A phrase that defines him:

“Nobody said it was going to be easy!”

Adriana Mendes

Social Media Management & Fortune Teller

Born with the desire to create… Concepts and insights are her doom! Not afraid to speak and say what’s in her soul, she is always in a quest for the next big idea!

A phrase that defines her:

“Life is full of challenges that, taken advantage of creatively, turn into opportunities.”